Phillips says left wrist isn't fractured

Phillips says left wrist isn't fractured

CINCINNATI -- Although it's like trying to unring a bell, forget everything Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips said Monday about his left wrist being fractured.

Phillips was originally diagnosed with a deep bone bruise on Aug. 15 after he was hit by a J.D. Martin pitch on his wrist. But after Monday night's 6-3 win over the Pirates, where he went 3-for-4 with a home run, Phillips revealed this:

"I'm playing with a fractured wrist that people don't even know about," Phillips said. "I'm here just grinding it out and finishing the season."

Phillips went on to say the fracture was a small hairline. Not so, however. He asked reporters to gather around him Tuesday so he could recant his previous comments.

"My wrist is not broken. I didn't mean to say broken," Phillips said. "I know I didn't say 'broken.' I said 'fracture.' I didn't know 'fracture' and 'broken' meant the same thing. My wrist feels like it's fractured. Yeah. That right there.

"The last time I took an X-ray, it said there's nothing broke. Broken and fractured are the same thing. It feels like it's broken, fractured, or broken -- it's the same thing. But my wrist really does bother me."

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