Bruce apologizes to Baker for miscue

Bruce apologizes to Baker for miscue

CINCINNATI --- Before Pirates reliever John Grabow made his delivery to the plate on Saturday, Jay Bruce, who had just singled, got Edwin Encarnacion's attention on second base.

"One out," Bruce yelled, and Encarnacion nodded his agreement.

Then Bruce immediately got doubled off first base on a Ramon Hernandez fly ball to end the game.

Afterward, Bruce criticized himself in front of reporters, saying there was no excuse for his lack of concentration on the basepaths, that he had to do a better job of focusing. He then went into Reds manager Dusty Baker's office and apologized.

"He came in before I could go to him," Baker said. "I was going to wait until today, but he felt so bad that he came in after the game."

At first, Baker was not pleased with his young right fielder, but after Bruce apologized, the anger dissipated.

"He felt terrible," Baker said. "I was [upset] after the game and then I saw how terrible he felt and it's hard to stay [upset]. When you're [upset] at your kid, and he comes and says, 'Dad, I screwed up' just as [you're] about to spank him, you say, 'OK, don't do it again.'"

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