Baker forced to switch lineup after D-backs drop DH

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Reds manager Dusty Baker and D-backs skipper Kirk Gibson didn't see eye-to-eye over having the pitcher bat during Monday's Cactus League game, which led to a heated exchange.

In the original Reds lineup posted on Monday morning, Shin-Soo Choo was leading off and the designated hitter. That was the plan Baker wanted to go with because Choo had missed a few days with tight right quadriceps and he didn't want to use him in center field again just yet.

"He's well enough to DH. He was well enough yesterday but I want to make sure he's feeling good," Baker said before the team left its complex in Goodyear.

Upon arrival at Salt River Fields, the Reds found that Gibson had a different plan.

"He wanted his pitcher to hit and I wanted Choo to DH," Baker said following a 7-2 Reds loss. "They sent over word that's what they wanted to do. It would have been fine with me to do both. It's up to the home team of what they want to do. Usually here we let teams DH early."

Baker also was denied the offer of letting his team use a DH while the D-backs use their pitcher to hit.

In the new Reds lineup, second baseman Cesar Izturis -- originally the No. 2 hitter -- moved up to bat leadoff. Baker said he would have been OK with his team using a DH and Arizona having the pitcher hit. But that didn't happen.

Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto had to bat for the Reds and struck out looking in the third inning.

"That was a big surprise. I was not allowed to swing the bat," Cueto said.

D-backs starter Brandon McCarthy also had one plate appearance in the third and grounded out to the catcher.

"It was a good locker-room talk. Read between the lines," Gibson said after the game. "It was a good talk. It was just, whatever. They knew that we were going to do it that way. I had it happen last year with a team, they tried to put the DH in there and that's not the way it's done. I wanted to play a National League game, I notified them several times and they just wanted to do it their way and they couldn't do it. So they didn't like that. But we play by the rules here, that's the way it is. We go over there, we play by their rules. It's very simple."

At the exchange of lineup cards, there were some words between the two managers. Gibson offered to shake hands, but Baker refused.

"We didn't have a very pleasant encounter at home plate," Baker said. "That's how it goes. It's over."

Choo did appear as a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning and flied out to left field.