Leake preparing to start, but role undecided

Leake preparing to start, but role undecided

CINCINNATI -- Reds starter Mike Leake heard that his team's signing of Jonathan Broxton to be the closer -- and moving Aroldis Chapman to the rotation -- would have repercussions.

"If that's what they decide, it's going to directly affect me," Leake said on Saturday during Redsfest. "I don't know what they have completely decided."

The Reds have made no formal rotation decisions and will let things shake out during Spring Training. Leake was the fifth starter in 2012 and had an inconsistent year. After a 0-5 start, the right-hander finished 8-9 with a 4.58 ERA in a career-high 30 starts and 179 innings.

Leake was told by the club to prepare himself as a starter. The Reds still don't know how many starts or innings Chapman will get in 2013.

"Maybe they'll wait a couple of months and then throw him, kind of the opposite of [Nationals ace Stephen] Strasburg," Leake said. "I don't know. Hopefully they give the five a chance to prove ourselves a little bit and if one of us is slacking off or doing something they weren't expecting, then throw him in the rotation. Hopefully they let us ride a little bit."