Mustachioed Price makes good on no-no bet

Mustachioed Price makes good on no-no bet

CINCINNATI -- Little did Reds pitching coach Bryan Price know that he would regret his words. During Spring Training, Price told his starting pitchers that he would grow a mustache if any of them threw a no-hitter.

Well, Homer Bailey threw a no-hitter on Sept. 28 at Pittsburgh and expected Price to make good.

"It's funny because as soon as Homer threw that no-hitter in Pittsburgh he reminded me of the mustache deal. I don't remember it," a newly clean-shaven Price said on Wednesday. "I'm sure I said something in Spring Training that, 'If any of you incompetents can potentially somehow throw a no-hitter, I would grow a mustache,' or something like that -- obviously all in jest."

Apparently, Bailey never forgets declarations. During the regular season, when broadcaster Marty Brennaman declared he would shave his head if the Reds won 10 games in a row, it was Bailey who remembered when the 10th win came. Brennaman shaved his hair and, for a while, Price didn't shave his lip.

"So after he was mobbed by his teammates, that's the first thing he said to me on the field in Pittsburgh," Price said of Bailey. "So I think I honored it. Almost two week's worth of mustache, looking at yourself for a ridiculous mustache, for me, didn't look too sharp. So I honored it, by going on national television with a mustache in a game that Homer pitched, and then once he got done with it, I couldn't get it off fast enough."