Baker sticking with same lineup in NLDS

Baker sticking with same lineup in NLDS

CINCINNATI -- During the first three games of the National League Division Series, the Reds have featured the exact starting eight against the Giants.

With fewer at-bats to go around during the postseason, Reds manager Dusty Baker isn't sticking with his regular-season routine of mixing and matching to keep players fresh.

"That's tough during the playoffs," Baker said on Tuesday. "You're basically trying to keep everybody fresh during the season in order to get to this time. You get to this time where guys are still fresh because you spread out the work. There is going to come sometime soon, depending on the time of the games, when I'm going to give a guy a rest or a blow, so to speak."

Baker would like to find a way to get rookie infielder Todd Frazier into the lineup. Frazier filled in well for third baseman Scott Rolen and first baseman Joey Votto when they were hurt in the regular season.

"It's very hard to keep Frazier out of there, but I try to get him in there when I can because Scott Rolen is still Scott Rolen," Baker said. "[Rolen's] our team leader on the field; and to keep Frazier out of there right now, like I tell you, it's tough. The world is his probably the next 10 years [and] who knows, this could be Scott's last go-round, so I'm sure he wants to go out with a bang."