Speier not expecting surprises on playoff roster

Speier not expecting surprises on playoff roster

CINCINNATI -- Behind the scenes since they the clinched the National League Central title, the Reds have been mulling over decisions for their 25-man NL Division Series roster.

While strong stretch-run performances for some players on the roster bubble might be considered, the club will also look at the big picture and player track records.

"You want to have the best roster you can," acting manager Chris Speier said. "But you take in consideration the contribution people have made throughout the year and who deserves it. I'm sure the final roster, there won't be too many surprises on that."

General manager Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker have the largest influence on the roster makeup, but the coaching staff has been involved in the meetings, as well.

"They always ask for our input," Speier said on Thursday. "We probably have final say with that as long as we're in the same boat with Dusty and Bryan [Price], of course."