Baker not yet managing, but staying involved

Baker not yet managing, but staying involved

CINCINNATI -- While he is not yet in the dugout during Reds games, or meeting with the media, manager Dusty Baker is staying busy working behind the scenes.

Baker, who is recovering from a minor stroke, arrived at Great American Ball Park early Wednesday afternoon and stayed for several hours. He is involved in meetings about the postseason roster and has been speaking with players in his office.

Wednesday's Reds lineup vs. the Brewers also had Baker's fingerprints on it.

"We're kind of working together a little bit with it," bench coach and acting manager Chris Speier said. "I wasn't sure what his plans were, so I had a lineup. I brought it in to him, and we kind of tweaked it a little bit. He's very active in that, believe me. I respect that, too. I wasn't about to hand a lineup over without checking with him first."

The Reds currently plan on having Baker back on the bench Monday for the final regular-season series at St. Louis.