Stubbs studies Marlins Park's outfield quirks

Stubbs studies Marlins Park's outfield quirks

MIAMI -- Reds center fielder Drew Stubbs took extra time before and during batting practice on Friday to acclimate himself with the spacious confines of Marlins Park.

"BP is about getting your bearings for where the walls are at and your daily routine of taking balls off the bat," Stubbs said. "Give you a feel for how the ballpark plays."

While Stubbs walked around the outfield to get a feel for his territory, the retractable roof was open. During batting practice and the game, it was closed.

Straightaway center stands 418 feet from home plate. The right-center gap reads 392 feet. The home-run sculpture in left-center creates a tricky curve in the wall.

"It's a big ballpark and outfield play is going to be pretty essential to success here," said Stubbs, who has four errors and five assists in 109 starts in center. "Hopefully, we can hold down."

The Reds became the final National League team to visit Marlins Park this season. Cincinnati went 39-35 at Miami's old home.

"It's exciting to have a new setting and see what it's like," Stubbs said.