Rolen emerges victorious from marathon at-bat

Rolen emerges victorious from marathon at-bat

PHOENIX -- Reds third baseman Scott Rolen wasn't about to give in during the second inning on Tuesday night.

Rolen dug in for a 15-pitch plate appearance vs. D-backs starter Wade Miley -- including 10 fouls with two strikes -- before drawing a walk. Miley gave up three runs in his 33-pitch second inning of an eventual 5-2 Reds win.

"Whatever happens, great at-bat," D-backs catcher Miguel Montero said he told Rolen during the duel.

"I wasn't changing my approach," Rolen said. "I was staying pretty stubborn because I was in the at-bat. I felt like if I could battle through, that approach would get the ball into play, instead of making an adjustment to change the at-bat. Then you end up getting beat with a ball. I just stayed where I was. I felt like I was on his changeup and fastball."

The plate appearance lasted for about six minutes, as Rolen fouled off one changeup after another. Finally Miley missed with a slider for ball four.

"I threw him in, out, up, down, and he just nicking it," Miley said. "I couldn't throw a good changeup. I was leaving it up a little bit and he was fouling it off. I tried to go slider, hooked it a little bit. It was a great at-bat."