Frazier making Reds' future decisions difficult

Frazier making Reds' future decisions difficult

PHILADELPHIA -- Whenever the day comes that Joey Votto returns to the Reds' lineup from a left knee injury, manager Dusty Baker will have the so-called good problem.

What becomes of Todd Frazier's playing time? Frazier, a National League Rookie of the Year candidate, has filled in very well for Votto, batting .315 in his previous 35 games with eight home runs and 25 RBIs. Before the All-Star break, Frazier handled third base solidly for Scott Rolen.

"Joey is going to play. Nobody is better at third than Scott, and he's coming on quickly," Baker said on Wednesday. "Sometimes when you're on a real good team, you've got to wait your turn to play every day. It's fortunate that he's had this opportunity. He wouldn't have been playing every day had Joey and Rolen [not been hurt].

"It's fortunate for us that we have him and fortunate for him that he could show what he can do. At some point in time, the world is going to be his. Now it's partially his, which isn't a bad spot to be in."

Overall, Frazier entered Wednesday batting .294, with his 55 RBIs and .562 slugging percentage leading NL rookies and his 18 homers ranked second.