Frazier not wilting under pressure of pennant race

Frazier not wilting under pressure of pennant race

PHILADELPHIA -- Not only has Reds infielder Todd Frazier become a solid candidate for National League Rookie of the Year, he's also been producing under the hot lights for a first-place team in a pennant race.

"Frazier is not scared," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "He actually relishes the chance to be in a situation like this. You find out a lot about people during these times. You find out who wants to be here. You find out who'd rather not be there at the same time. I'm just glad we've got a room full of guys who love to compete and love the situation of the possibility on winning. And Frazier is one of the main guys."

Frazier, who did not start on Monday, entered the night batting .288 with 17 home runs and 54 RBIs. He's batted .302 with seven homers and 24 RBIs in 33 games since Joey Votto has been out with a knee injury while primarily playing first base. Frazier has also played third base for Scott Rolen.

Sent out the day after Spring Training ended in a roster crunch, Frazier's production and success wasn't entirely expected. But it also wasn't a surprise.

"It's hard to say what you expect because you don't know what to expect," Baker said. "He's been one of our top prospects for a long time, and you really don't know what to expect when a guy has an unconventional, non-orthodox way of hitting. But it works for him."