Mesoraco returns from concussion a little wiser

Mesoraco returns from concussion a little wiser

Mesoraco returns from concussion a little wiser
CHICAGO -- Devin Mesoraco said the effects of the concussion he had after a collision at home plate on July 30 in San Diego have cleared, and he was ready to get back in the lineup.

The rookie Mesoraco, who started Thursday night and is expected to also start Friday against the Cubs, was placed on the seven-day disabled list for a concussion on Aug. 1 but felt better soon after his DL stint started.

"Definitely after two days I was pretty good," said Mesoraco, who officially returned to the team on Thursday, with Dioner Navarro being optioned back to Triple-A Louisville. "Playing back-to-back days is pretty nice. I'm just kind of excited. It gave me some time to think about things that maybe I can improve on and figure out where I want to go."

Mesoraco, who's also awaiting the hearing on an appeal of a three-game suspension, said this is the third concussion he's had as a player dating back to his time in the Minors and high school.

"I've had three [now], and that was kind of the main thing about why they wanted to hold me back," Mesoraco said. "They just didn't want something to happen again.

"I don't think this one was even as bad as the ones I had in the past."

Knowing that, Mesoraco said he wanted to keep playing. The decision, however, wasn't his to make.

"The way that things are now, you tell somebody [about it] and they're awfully concerned about you," Mesoraco said. "I wanted to stay in there and keep playing, but if something would've happened, you never know what the ramifications of getting hit again would've been. It was a good thing. I got a little break there, and now I'm ready to go."

As for the position he plays and the collisions it often entails, Mesoraco said he needs to use better judgment in the future about when to really take a big hit.

"You've got to protect yourself and kind of not put yourself in a bad situation," he said. "I think I can be a little smarter about it. I didn't even have the ball [in the Cameron Maybin collision], so it probably wasn't the best move on my part to absorb the hit there. In the future, not a whole lot's going to change, but I can just be a little bit smarter."

Mesoraco made his presence felt with a splendid catch in the sixth inning Thursday night, navigating a niche by the dugout in foul ground and reaching high to snag the ball and retire David DeJesus.