Brennaman meets $20K goal to shave head on field

Brennaman meets $20K goal to shave head on field

CINCINNATI -- Reds fans and partners made it official Friday. The $20,000 goal set by Marty Brennaman earlier this week was met, and the Hall of Fame Reds broadcaster was set to shave his head on the field after Friday night's game with the Pirates.

Through online donations and contributing groups to the "Shave Marty" campaign, Brennaman will be holding up his end of a pledge he made with the Reds earlier this season. If the club won 10 games in a row, Brennaman would lose his hair.

The Reds did just that from July 19-29.

"I never dreamed when I said what I said on the radio last Sunday in Denver that it would go viral, which it has," Brennaman said. "It's ridiculous. A guy is getting his hair cut, what are we talking about here? And raising a lot of money in the process for the [Reds] Community Fund, so it's not all bad."

The grand total of the donations raised will be announced during the postgame activities.

Brennaman said he plans on growing his hair back out to its usually fluffy state, unless the look fits him well.

"I plan on [growing it], unless I like it," Brennaman said. "Then so help me God."