Concussion may play role in Mesoraco's appeal

Concussion may play role in Mesoraco's appeal

CINCINNATI -- Catcher Devin Mesoraco, who was placed on the seven-day disabled list for concussions by the Reds on Wednesday, could have an argument in the appeal of his three-game suspension stemming from Monday's ejection and contact with home-plate umpire Chad Fairchild.

In the second inning of Monday's game, Mesoraco was hit hard by Cameron Maybin in a home-plate collision. In the third inning, Mesoraco was arguing balls and strikes and became enraged when contacting Fairchild. A Padres hitter privately said Mesoraco seemed to be acting different behind the plate.

"They could tell I was a little bit weird up there, I guess, compared to what I normally am. It could have something to do with it," Mesoraco said.

Mesoraco is leaving the appeal to his agent and the club, and he would not speculate if the concussion would be part of his defense. He agreed with the club's decision to make the move that it did, especially in light of the fact he's previous suffered two concussions -- one in high school and another in the Minor Leagues.

The Reds pulled Mesoraco from Tuesday's game after six innings after he experienced dizziness.

"In the game [Tuesday], I really felt like I wasn't myself," Mesoraco said. "I really had to focus a whole lot more to do small things, just to catch the ball. It was just kind of weird. I was having a whole lot of trouble doing anything. If I looked up into the lights, I'd have to take a second to regroup. Whenever I ran, I would start to get a pretty good headache, just from a little sprint."