Chemistry a factor for Reds on trade front

Chemistry a factor for Reds on trade front

Chemistry a factor for Reds on trade front
CINCINNATI -- While the first-place Reds have been winning a lot lately and entered Monday tied with the Nationals for the best record in baseball, there's been a lot of trade rumors surrounding the club.

It's no secret that general manager Walt Jocketty has been trying to land upgrades at the leadoff spot and the bench, and he wouldn't mind improvements for the already strong pitching staff ahead of Tuesday's Trade Deadline.

Some players, including Ryan Ludwick, have recently talked about the team's chemistry being so good. Another player, Drew Stubbs -- who could be displaced if the potential leadoff acquisition is a center fielder -- also felt the current chemistry was strong and could be affected by a deal.

"Looking at what we've done so far this year, it's hard to argue with the success we've had," Stubbs said. "I don't think a move is necessary unless you're going to make a significant improvement to the team. ... I feel like so many people this time of year in a playoff race feel like you should make a move just to make a move. I don't think that's necessary for us, especially with the chemistry we have and the way everybody has been playing lately."

Reds manager Dusty Baker is kept in the loop about potential deals, but he doesn't have the last word, calling himself the "shop foreman." Baker hoped that if a trade was made before the 4 p.m. ET Deadline, that it didn't upset the balance in the clubhouse.

"That's why you're very careful," Baker said. "People don't understand about making deals or making trades is that you could end up getting rid of some guys that are an integral part of what you've got going on right now. Or bring in somebody that's not on the same page that we are, which could be a bad apple that ruins your basket. It takes a while."

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