Cozart cleared to play after being struck in head

Cozart cleared to play after being struck in head

LOS ANGELES -- Shortstop Zack Cozart is extremely fortunate. Cozart, who was struck in the helmet by a Chad Billingsley fastball on Monday and suffered a mild concussion, was back in the Reds' lineup vs. the Dodgers on Tuesday.

Cozart was cleared by doctors after showing no lingering symptoms.

"I woke up this morning still with a slight headache," Cozart said Tuesday afternoon. "My condition never got worse. It's gotten a lot better. I don't have the tension in my head anymore. I don't have the pressure up there. I feel completely normal."

Doctors had Cozart take a concussion test on Monday night after he was removed in the fifth inning of Cincinnati's 8-2 win over the Dodgers. He passed and it was determined he did not need a CT scan.

"When the doctors came in during the game, they asked me questions and I had to do balance stuff and memory stuff. I think I did pretty good," Cozart said.

"He said he's OK and our guys say he's OK," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "One thing, he's not the first guy that got hit in the head. Thank God for these new-and-improved helmets that they have. It looked like he lost sight of it, really, because he did not get out of the way. I'm sure if he had seen it the whole way, he would have hit the dirt or turned away from it."