Masset progressing with throwing program

Masset progressing with throwing program

CINCINNATI -- The throwing program for Reds reliever Nick Masset continues to progress. Masset, who has been on the disabled list since Spring Training due to a right shoulder injury, is making about 60-70 throws per day at distances up to 150 feet. On Friday however, he said he dialed it back a little with just 30-40 throws.

Very gradually, Masset has been increasing the intensity of his throwing sessions.

"We've been throwing for two weeks to the day today," Masset said. "Ever since I felt like I got over the hump, three or four days ago, I'm to where I can go back and grab a little more and throw a little harder. I've started getting my feet underneath me and started working on my delivery."

Masset still does not know when he will test himself from a mound.

"We haven't really gotten that far," Masset said. "I'm strengthening the shoulder right now. I'd like to say a week from now, but I can't put an exact number on it. Once all the soreness is out of my arm, I can probably start throwing different pitches -- my sinker, my curveball, my slider and split. Once we do that three or four days, I can get on a mound and be able to let it go."