Rolen progressing, but taking time in rehab

Rolen progressing, but taking time in rehab

CINCINNATI -- Injured Reds third baseman Scott Rolen, who has been on the 15-day disabled list since May 12 because of a left shoulder strain, reported progress in the past couple of days with his rehab.

"I certainly felt like I was going in the right direction," Rolen said on Friday. "We're still 'actively resting.' I haven't started any baseball stuff, yet."

There has been no discussion, Rolen noted, of when he might resume trying to hit.

"I'm getting closer to where I can see it coming," Rolen said. "Three or four days ago, I didn't want to pick a bat up. Right now, I know I shouldn't pick a bat up even though I am making progress."

Rolen, who has spent several stints on the DL since 2005 because of the shoulder, is not planning on rushing back prematurely.

"Ideally, this is the last time I want to spend on the DL," Rolen said. "If that takes me a few extra days or an extra week or so, I'd rather do it that way."