Baker has meeting with Reds owner

Baker has meeting with Reds owner

CINCINNATI -- In the minutes following ballgames, local media members usually make their first stop inside Reds manager Dusty Baker's office for his postgame comments before talking to the players.

That wasn't the case on Wednesday night following Cincinnati's 9-5 loss to the Pirates. Reporters were sent to the players' locker area first, while Baker spent several minutes in a one-on-one meeting with Reds owner/CEO Bob Castellini, who made a beeline from his suite to the clubhouse area when the game ended.

"Sometimes. Not that often," Baker said of the frequency of Castellini's visits.

The 39-47 Reds were coming off their first winning road trip of the season, but dropped two of three in a home series to the Pirates. Cincinnati entered the night in the National League Central cellar, 12 games behind the first-place Cubs. The Reds have a 12-23 record vs. opponents with sub-.500 record, like the Pirates.

"[Castellini] came down to say, 'Hey man, you're doing what you can do and just keep your head up,'" Baker said. "Like I told him, my head can get down tonight, but it will be back up tomorrow."

Castellini, a fervent Reds fan before he brought the team in 2006, has previously voiced his displeasure and frustration over losing. That point was driven home when general manager Wayne Krivsky was dismissed 21 games into this season. Cincinnati is 30-35 since Walt Jocketty replaced Krivsky.

"We're all frustrated, you know?" Baker said.

Baker has no job security issues, whatsoever. He was hired in October and signed to a three-year contract.

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