Baker was impressed with Humber's perfecto

Baker was impressed with Humber's perfecto

CHICAGO -- Manager Dusty Baker didn't see any of White Sox right-hander Philip Humber's perfect game Saturday, just the 21st in Major League history.

"Was he dealing?" Baker asked.

The Reds' manager answered his own question.

"A perfect game is a perfect game," Baker said. "That's dealing, that's impressive."

Humber needed only 96 pitches to complete his perfecto against the Mariners, a team ranked 12th in the American League in runs scored and 13th in batting average. That lack of offense -- and spacious Safeco Field -- didn't make Humber's feat any less impressive to Baker.

"They still have some guys that can hurt you, just not as many," Baker said.

Plus, there's the feat itself -- which involves everybody.

Playing defense you have to stay on your toes. You don't want to make an error, you don't want a ball to fall in," Baker said. "On offense, on the other side, man, you're just not even thinking about winning the game. You're just thinking about breaking it up."

The Reds faced the White Sox twice in Cactus League action this spring, but they didn't see Humber either time.