Ludwick discusses key Nats homer on Friday

Ludwick discusses key Nats homer on Friday

WASHINGTON -- As he pursued Xavier Nady's home run on Friday, Reds left fielder Ryan Ludwick missed it by thatmuch.

Nady's pinch-hit drive off reliever Bill Bray in the eighth inning brushed Ludwick's glove at the top of the wall as it went out. Ludwick made it clear that he did not knock the ball over the fence -- it was already on the other side.

"What happened when I went back was I didn't think I had to jump," Ludwick explained on Saturday. "My body hit the wall as I was reaching up. It jarred my arm just enough that I turned my glove a little bit. It caught the thumb on it and it just flipped off. [In hindsight], I would have jumped. I didn't think I had to jump."

The solo homer by Nady made it a 1-1 game and would force extra innings before a 2-1 Reds defeat in 13.

"I wouldn't say it was an easy one, but it wasn't an extremely hard play," Ludwick said. "It was one of those unfortunate plays, I guess."