Mesoraco's frustration caught on film Thursday

Mesoraco's frustration caught on film Thursday

WASHINGTON -- Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco took Thursday's 3-2, 10-inning loss to the Nationals particularly hard, and unfortunately for him, there were witnesses.

The deciding moment of the game came when reliever Alfredo Simon's wild pitch into the dirt was blocked by Mesoraco, but the ball got far enough away to allow Ryan Zimmerman to score the winning run.

Moments later, inside the visitor's dugout, Mesoraco threw his helmet -- nothing unusual for someone letting out a little frustration. But the moment was captured in a still photo by an Associated Press photographer, and Mesoraco heard about it from friends and family.

"I had no clue at the time. It was kind of an embarrassing shot, I guess," Mesoraco said on Friday. "That was a tough way to lose a game, especially as a catcher. That's something you never want to happen. I think [the photo] made it a lot bigger of a deal than it was."

Mesoraco chalked up the situation as being a rookie mistake and a lesson learned.

"It's my fault. As a player, you're supposed to do that somewhere people can't see it," Mesoraco said. "I will learn from it to take it down in the tunnel if I have to get out that frustration, as opposed to where people can snap pictures."