Bruce maturing as a hitter

Bruce maturing as a hitter

CINCINNATI -- With three home runs in the previous series vs. the Marlins, including two in Sunday's 6-5 win, Reds right fielder Jay Bruce is the first player in club history to hit three homers through the team's first three games.

Bruce feels he has developed a better plan as a hitter, and is trying to be more selective.

"I try to stay over the plate," Bruce said. "I have an approach I've really worked on."

Reds manager Dusty Baker believes that longevity in the game comes from making adjustments -- and re-adjusting some more -- as the league learns younger hitters like Bruce.

"I tell them that any plan, whether I understand it or not, is better than no plan," Baker said on Monday. "For a while there, they were kind of getting Jay out the same way over and over again. I told him, 'These guys aren't any better than you. Some of the upperclassmen are tricking you.' That's how it usually works out."