Ross sits after catching 18-inning game

Ross sits after catching 18-inning game

CINCINNATI -- It wouldn't have been hard to imagine Reds catcher David Ross flying home from San Diego on Sunday night with two giant bags of ice strapped to his knees. That's because Ross caught all 18 innings of the 12-9 loss.

At 5 hours, 57 minutes, it was the longest game -- time-wise -- in Reds history.

Ross didn't need the ice, just some rest.

"At the time, it wasn't that bad because you're thinking about how to get guys out and all that stuff," Ross said. "It wasn't that bad until getting off the plane. Waking up [Monday] morning, I was a little stiff. Good thing we had the off-day."

Once the extra innings took hold, there was a feeling the game would go some serious distance. Shadows settled over home plate and made it tough on hitters to see.

A total of 580 pitches were thrown in the game and the Reds used 24 of their 25 players, with pitcher Johnny Cueto serving as the team's only spectator for the game.

It was also the longest Reds game since a 9-8 loss to the Cubs in 18 innings on May 10, 1979. The previous record time of a Reds game was 5 hours, 40 minutes during a 21-inning, 1-0 loss vs. the Giants on Sept. 1, 1967.

If the Reds would have pulled out a win over the Padres on Sunday, it's a good bet Ross wouldn't have felt quite as sore the next day.

"That's what was so demoralizing, when you lose," Ross said. "If you're there that long, you might as well win it. That's what everyone was saying in the dugout."

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