Jocketty says Reds covet backup to Cozart

Jocketty says Reds covet backup to Cozart

Jocketty says Reds covet backup to Cozart
CINCINNATI -- In what's become an annual Redsfest tradition, general manager Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker were on the main stage peppered with questions during a Hot Stove question and answer session with fans.

On Saturday, Jocketty revealed the Reds are looking around for a veteran shortstop/infielder to back up rookie Zack Cozart. The club was high on free agent Ramon Santiago, who re-signed with the Tigers recently.

"Those are the types of guys we are looking for," Jocketty said.

The Reds still have a wide open situation for a closer, with incumbent Francisco Cordero still on the free agent market.

"We're going to look in-house. We're going to look at trades or free agents and try to come up with a guy, a main guy," Baker said. "The one thing we don't want to do is have a closer by committee."

Jocketty and Baker will depart for Dallas and the Winter Meetings on Sunday. Jocketty is hoping there will be a lot of activity for his club.

"We've spent a lot of time the last month or so just preparing for it and had a lot of conversations with other clubs and some agents for free agents," Jocketty said. "I have a couple of meetings scheduled for [Sunday] already. It's hard to predict what's going to happen. Usually when we get into the same building, it tends to move a little bit quicker."