Leake striving to make longer run in 2012

Leake striving to make longer run in 2012

CINCINNATI -- In his first two big league seasons, Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake finished early because of a cap on his innings. He's hopeful of going much deeper in 2012.

"I don't tend to set goals, but if I were to, I'd like to get to 30 starts and 200 innings," Leake said on Saturday during Redsfest.

Leake, 24, was 12-9 with a 3.86 ERA in 29 games including 26 starts this past season. He led the club in wins and with 118 strikeouts and worked 167 2/3 innings. He pitched 138 1/3 innings as a rookie in 2010.

This offseason, Leake is already working out and has built a gym inside the garage of his Phoenix-area home.

"I felt strong last year coming off of the end of the year," Leake said. "I'm sticking to the same routine. I'm throwing about a half a month earlier this time. Last year ended with a little bit of tightness."