Reds set to celebrate Earth Day

Reds set to celebrate Earth Day

CINCINNATI -- The Reds are trying to "go green" this season.

For Tuesday's Earth Day, the club's game vs. the Dodgers has been dubbed a "Go Green," or a carbon-neutral, game. Teaming with Duke Energy, the Reds purchased carbon credits to offset the estimated fossil fuel emissions related to gameday operations at Great American Ball Park.

Opening Day on March 31 was also a carbon-neutral game. The reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases come from a biomass district heating-and-cooling-fuel-switch project located in Burguillos, Spain.

Green initiatives in place at Great American Ball Park include a recycling program with Rumpke and Pepsi of plastic and paper generated from game crowds and the front office. Waste cooking oils generated in the kitchens and concessions are being recycled for future use in Bio-Diesel. Concrete, metals and cardboard materials are also recycled.

Other programs include reducing total hours of lighting use and using environmentally-friendly laundry detergents and cleaners. Fertilizers used on the playing field are organic, and grass clippings are moved to external green areas as a natural fertilizer.

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