Gomes faces Reds for first time as a Nat

Gomes faces Reds for first time as a Nat

WASHINGTON -- When he was traded from the Reds to the Nationals for two Minor Leaguers on July 26, Jonny Gomes was stunned. He was pulled from the lineup for that night's game vs. the Mets and was informed he had been dealt about 10 minutes before first pitch.

Before Friday's series opener between the two teams, Gomes got to see some of his old teammates and the coaching staff on the field.

"There's a unique bond when you go to the playoffs with the team," Gomes said. "You create not only a tight bond inside the clubhouse but also some really good friendships. ... I didn't have an opportunity to say good-bye to anybody, at all. I was in Dusty [Baker's] office with Dusty and Walt [Jocketty] for four minutes. I came out and everybody was on the field [after the trade]. It's a good chance to see the guys' faces again."

Since coming to Washington, Gomes is batting .235 with two homers and four RBIs in 14 games. He batted .211 with 11 homers and 31 RBIs in 77 games this season with the Reds.

"I'm happy. I've got good teammates and they've taken me in with open arms," Gomes said standing at his locker in the Nationals' clubhouse.