His way: Frazier walks to plate with Sinatra

His way: Frazier walks to plate with Sinatra

CINCINNATI -- Todd Frazier is one of the youngest players on the Reds, but his at-bat music is the oldest. When Frazier comes to the plate at Great American Ball Park, fans will hear one of two songs: "Come Fly With Me" or "Fly Me to the Moon."

Both songs were recorded by Frank Sinatra, whose first album came out in 1946, 40 years before Frazier was born.

"He's a Jersey guy, and he's the best in the world," said Frazier, who is from Toms River, N.J. "I love him."

He said he started listening to Sinatra when he was in high school. Kent Frank, Frazier's coach at Toms River South High, was picky about the music his team would warm up to. Frazier described Frank as "an old-school guy."

"He always played old songs," Frazier said. "Any old song. You know: [Paul Simon's] 'Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.' No new stuff."

Frazier said everybody in the Reds organization knows about his love of Sinatra, especially after Spring Training. During a dinner in Arizona with about 100 people, manager Dusty Baker was giving a speech.

After a while, he grew tired of talking, though. He turned to Frazier and told him it was time to sing.

Frazier obliged, with a Sinatra tune.