Cozart hopes to shed arm brace by weekend

Cozart hopes to shed arm brace by weekend

Cozart hopes to shed arm brace by weekend
CINCINNATI -- Shortstop Zack Cozart admitted he gets irritated wearing a hard brace on his left arm. Luckily, he could be getting some relief as soon as this weekend.

Cozart, who suffered a hyperextended elbow against Atlanta on Saturday, is wearing a custom brace that runs all the way down his arm, keeping it in at a permanent right angle. The brace stabilizes Cozart's elbow, helping it heal after bending back too far the other way upon injury.

If he continues to improve, however, he could be out of the hard brace at the end of the week. At that point, he will wear a sleeve that still protects him but also grants him mobility.

Currently, Cozart takes the hard brace off a couple times a day to regain his flexibility.

"The idea behind the rehab is to give him a nice range of motion," team trainer Paul Lessard said. "Once he gets that, we'll focus on more baseball-related stuff."

As for now, Cozart continues to sit and wait. At the very least, he conceded that the hard brace looks cool.

"I don't know what it's called," he said. "[Team doctor Tim Kremchek] made it special for me, and he has a special name for it. I call it the bionic arm."

Since getting called up from Triple-A Louisville at the beginning of the month, Cozart was hitting .324 with a pair of home runs in 37 at-bats before the injury.