Reds enjoy stay in downtown Milwaukee

Reds enjoy stay in downtown Milwaukee

Reds enjoy stay in downtown Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE -- It's a hotel that not every Major League player is fond of, but the Reds insisted they made it through their stay at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee without any haunting tales.

The Pfister's reputation still resonates with Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez, who is convinced he was haunted when he stayed at the Pfister during his days with the Twins.

"You set the air conditioner for one temperature at night, and in the morning it's a different temperature," he said. "You turn off your iPod, and it turns back on. You don't get rest. No way. I'm out of there."

Gomez ended up bunking with Twins teammate Alexi Casilla, who was his roommate in the Minors.

When the Brewers brought Gomez to Milwaukee for their annual winter Fanfest, he insisted on a room at a different hotel and offered to pay. The team obliged.

The Reds stayed at the Pfister this week, and All-Star second baseman Brandon Phillips laughed when he described his four-day stay. He said he didn't want to talk about it too much for fear that something odd would happen to him.

"What can you really do?" Phillips said. "It's not like it's the first haunted hotel I've stayed in, so it is what it is."

Pitcher Bronson Arroyo didn't mind the stay, as he took advantage of the downtown location to break out his guitar and play on the street corner. Playing on the street is something he said he only does once or twice a year, but with 10 days off and pent up energy, he wanted to work on his vocals and found a spot outside the hotel to do so.

"I was just out on the street trying to find a place that would echo real nice, and they called security on me because I guess I was keeping people up at the hotel," he joked. "I was still a ways away, but I guess sound travels in the concrete jungle."

Arroyo said teammates laughed as they saw him jamming on the corner but that they weren't surprised to see him out there.

"A lot of the guys on this team know I play and they laugh about it a little," he said. "People may be walking home from a bar or something and see me sitting on the corner playing, which is something they probably wouldn't do, but you know, they all get it."