Relaxed Janish works his way out of slump

Relaxed Janish works his way out of slump

Relaxed Janish works his way out of slump
LOS ANGELES -- There was a very long stretch last month in which Reds shortstop Paul Janish could not beg, borrow or steal a hit.

Janish has seemingly found his way through the slog. Over his last 13 games entering Tuesday, he was hitting .318 (14-for-44), including five multi-hit games.

From May 6-27, Janish was 2-for-46 (.043) and that included separate stretches in which he was 0-for-21 and 0-for-17.

"Originally when I got into the funk, I didn't really feel I was swinging the bat too poorly," Janish said. "Then I started to change some stuff around and became pretty result oriented and it kind of snowballed on me. I got into a funk and I found myself kind of lost at the plate for a period of time. Ten or 15 at-bats turned into 40-50."

Janish's strong glove kept his name in the lineup, and at the plate, he's been able to raise his overall batting average 30 points the past two weeks, but he's still batting only .233 with 18 RBIs. Neither Janish nor backup shortstop Edgar Renteria has a home run this season.

The adjustments have been more mental than physical. Janish, playing regularly for the first time in the Majors this season, let himself relax.

"I had put too much pressure on myself," he said. "I finally said, 'We've got nowhere else to go.' I'm finally starting to get some hits again and inch my way back up. Unfortunately, I kind of dug myself a little bit of a hole there. I do feel like I'm coming out of it though."