Workout day interview with Johnny Cueto

Workout day interview with Johnny Cueto

Q. Johnny, this is probably the biggest game you've had in your career. What's going through your head right now and getting ready to pitch it?

JOHNNY CUETO: I have good thinking. I thank God, I I think really about my game. And I'm going to throw a nice game.

I'm going to do my job. That's all I think.

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Q. You pitched earlier against the Phillies this year one of your best games. How much do you fall back on that experience for this game?

JOHNNY CUETO: I just need to concentrate. I'm going to be watching the times I've been throwing to them, the videos and try to keep the ball down to get the most outs I can.

Q. You've had a lot of rest since your last regular season start. How much do you have to guard against overthrowing and being too strong out there when you're pitching?

JOHNNY CUETO: Well, you're right. I have more rest than I used to. I have almost like a week and a half. I don't want to try to throw overthrow, like you say. I will be trying to just throw my game.

Q. Johnny, the end of a long season, just how are you feeling overall, physically? Are you feeling pretty healthy, pretty rested? How does your arm feel just in general? As you went through the season how are you feeling?

JOHNNY CUETO: My arm right now feels really strong. You know, I was tired at the end of the season. But I rest good enough the last few days, and I feel really well right now. I feel really good.

Q. Have you sought out anybody for advice about pitching in the postseason, and if so, what kind of advice have you received?

JOHNNY CUETO: Pitching in the playoffs is the same. It doesn't change anything. It's just that there are more people in the stands and it's more noise in the stands, but nothing changes. The game is the same. You have to pitch the same way.

Q. Johnny, what do you think will be going through your mind with the season on the line? Do you think you're going to be more fired up? Even though you say it's the same kind of game you're going to pitch in the regular season, are you going to be cognizant of the fact that the season is on the line?

JOHNNY CUETO: I feel good. I feel I just need to concentrate more to throw to the hitters. I mean, the series is 2 0, 2 0 right now, and I just need to keep my game and concentrate myself to get my team the chance to win.

JOHNNY CUETO: Arroyo is a different pitcher than I am, so when you see somebody throw, you can't see what he does because he's a totally different pitcher than I am so I can't pay attention to what he does.

Q. Johnny, what sort of things were you looking for when you were launching Edinson and Bronson? What did you take out of those games?