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Post-clinch rest has served Votto well

Post-clinch rest has served Votto well

PHILADELPHIA -- After the Reds clinched the National League Central on Sept. 28, first baseman Joey Votto was one of several players that got some rest. Votto made only a pinch-hitting appearance the next day, didn't play at all on Oct. 1 and came out of two other games early.

Votto, who is a leading candidate for the NL MVP award, believes the breaks helped him heading into the NL Division Series.

"The last couple of days were nice," Votto said. "I was sick [with a sinus infection] over the last two or three weeks. We all know that when we're sick, you really don't consider that rest. You just try to recover and get back to normal. The last couple of days, Dusty [Baker] gave me one full day off and I played half a game. I really appreciated that."