Votto would be honored to win NL MVP Award

Votto would be honored to win NL MVP Award

PHILADELPHIA -- As they might say on "Dancing with the Stars," the voting is complete and the results are being tabulated. Once the postseason is over, Reds first baseman Joey Votto could very well be the National League Most Valuable Player.

Votto normally eschews most talk about his individual gains, but he didn't duck the questions after the Reds completed their pre-playoffs workout Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park.

"I would be totally full of it if I said I don't want to win an MVP award," Votto said. "I've played well. I gave myself an opportunity. It's obviously out of my hands. I think I've done what I've can. If an award of that magnitude comes my way, that's fantastic. I would really appreciate that."

Votto finished second in the NL behind Carlos Gonzalez with a .324 average. His 37 homers were third behind Albert Pujols and Adam Dunn, and his 113 RBIs were also third behind Pujols and Gonzalez.

The 27-year-old Votto didn't feel he needed to have a great postseason to validate the regular-season performance.

"I could go 0-for-the-playoffs and we win the World Series, and that's a pretty successful year," he said. "It's getting to the point of my career where all I care about wins."

In Game 1, two of Toronto's favorites will get a high-spotlight matchup on Wednesday. Former Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay will be starting for the Phillies. Although Halladay is American, Votto is the Ontario native and is expected to have an entire nation backing him.

"I know Canadians. They root for their guys first," Votto said. "They pull for their country first. Roy was fun to watch, but I think they're cheering for someone from Toronto."