Heisey practices at second just in case

Heisey practices at second just in case

CINCINNATI -- By sending third baseman Juan Francisco to Triple-A Louisville on Sunday, the Reds find themselves with an unbalanced 25-man roster.

The club, while carrying six outfielders, has only one extra infielder.

"All of our outfielders are playing pretty good. We theoretically have too many outfielders," Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

One of those outfielders, rookie Chris Heisey, has been taking groundballs lately at second base. That included Sunday morning as he fielded balls hit by bench coach Chris Speier and practiced flipping them to the shortstop.

"It's in case of emergency," Heisey said. "I've played shortstop my whole life, and then in college, the second half of my junior year was spent at shortstop. I would not say I'm comfortable in the infield, but I don't feel like a stranger. I trust my hand-eye coordination and reflexes enough to at least knock the ball down and throw it across the infield."

If he had to, Baker could shift second baseman Brandon Phillips to shortstop and third baseman Scott Rolen to first base. Miguel Cairo can play every position in the infield.

When Joey Votto was ejected in the first inning of Sunday's game, Jim Edmonds moved from center field to first base and Drew Stubbs took over in center and in Votto's spot in the lineup.

"You start thinking of different scenarios," Baker said. "If something happened seriously, we'd have to get somebody in here. Whatever it is, it'd be a stopgap situation until we got somebody in here."