Baker hears it all from Reds fans

Baker hears it all from Reds fans

CINCINNATI -- Manager Dusty Baker has heard the criticism, from the ballpark to the bank.

The Reds have spent 52 days in first place in the National League Central and begin August just a half-game behind the first-place Cardinals. But Baker said he's still feeling the heat from fans.

"You're too traditional," Baker said a fan told him prior to Saturday night's 5-2 victory over the Braves. "He said I wanted speed at the top of the lineup instead of an on-base-percentage guy. I said, 'OK, pick one.' I hear it all the time. Am I throwing? Am I hitting? Am I pitching?"

Baker was told by someone that they had spoken to a bank teller who blamed him for Friday night's 10-inning loss to Atlanta.

"At the bank, it was my fault, too, huh?" Baker said. "That's what happens sometimes, people appreciate you more when you're not here. That's OK."