Reds hope Rhodes can avoid disabled list

Reds hope Rhodes can avoid disabled list

CINCINNATI -- Reds left-handed reliever Arthur Rhodes' sore right foot has been barking for the past couple of weeks. But the bite isn't painful enough for him to be placed on the disabled list.

Manager Dusty Baker didn't see that happening when asked Tuesday.

"No," Baker said. "I certainly don't want it to come to that. He doesn't want that."

Rhodes, 40, pitched two-thirds of a scoreless eighth inning in Monday's 6-5 loss to the Giants and was again scoreless for two-thirds of an inning over the seventh and eighth during Tuesday's 3-0 loss. That gave him 26 straight scoreless appearances, totaling 23 1/3 innings, and a 0.36 ERA in 28 games overall. He has the longest scoreless streak for a reliever in the Majors this season.

"I just have to deal with it," said Rhodes, who wears a wrap over his right foot. "I don't know what it is. I'm getting tired of it."

Rhodes has been the beacon of strength from a Reds bullpen that's hit some hard times of late. Baker didn't say whether the injury has made Rhodes unavailable to pitch but has repeatedly acknowledged the need to pick and choose how he uses the veteran in situations.

"I try not to go more than a couple of days in a row with him. I try not to go more than one-inning stints with him," Baker said. "Otherwise, I have to give him a couple of days off. It makes it tough when he's the hottest guy in your bullpen. I've got to have him July, August, September and hopefully October. If you wear down one of your main horses, then what do you have?

"I know Arthur pretty well. I can read him pretty good, regardless of what he says. Most of the time, he'll tell you when he needs a blow."